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In May 2006 Pascal established and chaired the Working Group on Director Accountability and Board Effectiveness, a 35-member VC industry group that promoted director education and best governance practices. The result of this collaboration is “A Simple Guide to the Basic Responsibilities of Venture-Backed Company Directors”, published in 2007. Pascal is the principal author of this paper, which is freely available and has been downloaded over 30,000 times.

Pascal’s VC governance work has been part of the curriculum at several universities, including the Harvard Business School, University of Texas (Dallas), Wharton, and Stanford’s Graduate School of Engineering (Department of Management Science & Engineering).

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  • Rites of Passage (English, Hebrew, and Arabic versions) – a candid examination of the challenges associated with replacing founding CEO’s in startups, why it happens so often, and how to do it right.
  • A Simple Guide to Director Responsibilities for VC-Backed Companies – a comprehensive review of the practical and fiduciary responsibilities for startup directors.  Do you know your fiduciary duties and liabilities for fialing to exercise them responsibly? Find the answers here.
  • After the Term Sheet – a venture capitalist’s real work begins after the investment is made. Find out what is expected, and required, of VC’s who truly add value to their portfolio companies.

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